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Increase in New users*

UX & UI Project Overview


Website Redesign

VentraIP (Nexigen Digital)

As the lead designer for the VentraIP website redesign, the primary goal was to improve user experience and conversion rates. The strategy focused on catering to a broader audience while retaining appeal for tech-savvy customers.

Stakeholder interviews and customer surveys revealed that VentraIP had a substantial customer base of tech-savvy individuals. As a result, a comprehensive website redesign was initiated to cater to beginners while still meeting the needs of the tech-savvy users.

Implementations included website funnel pages, the Product Selector, and Product Recommendations Wizard. Dedicated sections like Beginner and Web Pros pages provided tailored content. The Product Selector simplified product selection, while the Recommendations Wizard offered personalized suggestions. I led Multiple user test campaigns to validated and iterate the website design ensuring they met diverse user needs

The culmination of stakeholder interviews, customer surveys, and user test campaigns facilitated data-driven research and development strategies. These efforts significantly contributed to informing and shaping the final website design, ensuring its alignment with the diverse needs of VentraIP's extensive customer base.

*Data collected from Google Analytics compares the overall performance of the website from 16/10/2023 to 26/03/2024 with that of the same period in the previous year.

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