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UX Case study


Product Selector

VentraIP (Nexigen Digital)

The design prior to the Product selector included a pricing table with three plans, detailing product names, pricing, and technical features in columns. Though familiar, this design focused on features that may seem technical, especially to users with minimal website-building experience. To address this, the Product Selector was created based on insights from customer surveys and stakeholder interviews during VentraIP's website redesign. The goal was to enhance accessibility for small business owners less versed in technical matters. This involved employing UX research, collaborative development, and A/B testing to validate concepts.

What can we learn?

Initiating the discovery process, I gathered insights from our annual customer survey and conducted stakeholder interviews with our CEO, Head of Product, and Head of Customer Service.

The annual survey revealed valuable information about our major customer segments and general feedback. Stakeholder interviews provided additional depth, clarifying key business goals and addressing common customer inquiries and complaints.

This comprehensive approach ensured a thorough understanding of both customer perspectives and organizational objectives, laying a solid foundation for subsequent research and strategy development

Let's keep it simple

Stakeholder interviews revealed that our customer-facing departments reported numerous inquiries about hosting plans, echoing customer sentiments of complexity. Customer survey data indicated that tech-savvy customers represented the majority of our customers. Additionally, customer feedback revealed that web-hosting customers lacked confidence in their choice of product with technical language being cited as confusing and irrelevant.

“...I don't really know what, how that information pertains to my personal circumstance?”

Speaking to these concerns, our CEO emphasized a business goal to cater to less technically inclined small business owners. These insights highlight the need to simplify technical aspects and enhance product clarity for improved customer confidence.

Problem statment

The existing Pricing table design presented too many technical features causing some less tech-savvy business owners to either leave the site or call our Technical Support departments.

Working together

Leading the brainstorming sessions, I engaged key stakeholders including the CEO, Head of Product, Head of Customer Service, and Engineering team. Together, we quickly generated and synthesised ideas. With early iterations of Wireframes and Sketches refined through rounds of design reviews with Design and Product teams. This collaborative process ensured alignment of ideas and priorities among stakeholders, facilitating efficient decision-making and progress towards achieving project goals.

The A/B Test

Upon finalizing the design, I developed a fully interactive High-fidelity prototype to be used for A/B testing, measuring against a defined success criteria and key metrics. Working together with the Head of Product, we established a clear success criteria. The new design performed well with a 32.8% increase in success rate, this indicated that more users opted for products better matching their needs. The new design was rated higher on all three metrics of usefulness, ease-of-use and trustworthiness. These results validate the effectiveness of the design in meeting user needs and preferences.

See end results

Take a look at the completed project and delve into the small details that contribute to the final result.

  • Consider categorizing features by attributes that relate to business owners

  • Create a more visual way to quickly compare features

  • Simplify choices for major customer segments i.e. e-commerce, small business, trade websites, and personal blogs.

*Data collected from Google Analytics compares the overall performance of the website from 16/10/2023 to 26/03/2024 with that of the same period in the previous year.


Increase in Purchases*


Increase in Success Rate*


Increase in avg. purchases per New user*

Measuring Success

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