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The process

The creative process can be a little crazy at times and that is where having some structure is important for keeping the project clear and on schedule. Double Diamond design process is the framework for organising the various research and design methods into a timeline.

Through my experience working on projects as a designer, I found that the process was not always straightforward and that meeting the project requirements also meant having the flexibility to visit earlier research and re-thinking a better solution altogether.

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About me

I'm a Melbournian based in Cheltenham, living the family life with my wife, Rhiannon, and our son, Wesley. My passions revolve around making stuff, photography, and soaking up the outdoors.

My career journey hasn't followed a straight line, which has been valuable for shaping my unique design approach. I took a leap from my job at Bank of Melbourne to pursue design. Graduating from RMIT, I dove into design at Rakumba Lighting, honing my skills in product development.

Working at Nexigen Digital I progressed to become a leading UX & UI Designer. Here, I led a successful website redesign, crafted design systems, and conducted various UX research methods like user-testing campaigns and surveys involving customers and staff.

Over the past decade, navigating roles at Bank of Melbourne, Rakumba, and now Nexigen Digital, I've melded design with business and finance expertise. This unique blend allows me to offer a distinctive perspective in the realm of UX design.

​People First

When I design products and services that rely on human interaction,  I believe it is crucial to consider the user at all stages of design through; ideation to prototyping. Throughout my design process, I implement investigative Design Methods to help me better understand the user and to provide creative solutions. This way of thinking is better known as User Centred Design (UCD).

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