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Brand consistency

The logo enhances the school's brand identity

Versatile design

Utilized across digital, merchandise, websites, and print media

Historical tribute

 Homage to the school's past while embracing its future




Hampton Park Primary School

Crafting Hampton Park Primary School's centennial logo in 2020 was a great opportunity. I aimed to blend a century of history with the Peppermint tree's symbolism, reflecting the school's growth and strength. This tree was an important component in the design as it was the first tree planted onsite and remains there until this day.

Balancing tradition with modernity, the logo pays homage to the schools past while embracing the future. I ensured its seamless adaptability across digital platforms, merchandise like coffee mugs, the website, and print media.

This project showcased graphic design's narrative power, capturing the school's heritage and forward-thinking spirit. The logo symbolises resilience, growth, and a relentless pursuit of excellence for the coming generations.

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