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Adapting well to different screen sizes and devices


Adaptable design aligns with the expansion strategy

New brand identity

Represents a strategic move towards establishing a fresh brand identity

Landing Page



Intaserve (Nexigen Digital)

Nexigen Digital provides a range of services including Domain Management, Brand Protection, and Scalable Cloud Hosting Solutions to both retail and wholesale customers. While our wholesale brand, Synergy Wholesale, initially caters to a select group of clients within the Corporate and Government segment, Nexigen Digital aims to broaden our reach within this market.

Our objective was to create a fresh brand identity Intaserve and a streamlined single-page interface that not only communicated the breadth of our services but also enticed potential clients to engage with us. The design ethos revolved around modernity, sleekness, and approachability, all while staying true to our brand's colors and values.

"I commend you on your quick and concise work with the Intaserve design" - Head of Product Jarrod O'Sullivan


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