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Celebrating collaboration

Reflecting the school's commitment to excellence

Community symbol 

Blends diverse elements to represent the community it serves

Versatile design

Utilized across digital, merchandise, websites, and print media

Brand design


Connecting the Quarters

Quarters Primary School

When designing the Quarters Primary School logo, I aimed to symbolise the vibrant community it serves, by blending diverse elements that embody collaboration and connectivity. The swoosh shapes form an intersection, symbolising unity, teamwork, and everyone's unique paths converging.

At its core, it showcases two students high-fiving, embodying fun while collaborating and someone reaching for 'Achieve Success,' which symbolises the schools drive for excellence.

This logo embodies the school's ethos of lifelong learning, inclusivity, and support for all. Versatile and adaptable, it echoes their mission of independence, excellence, and respect for everyone.

"I think this is definitely my favourite design. I can envisage it on the uniform, letterhead & presentations. You definitely nailed the connectedness and community brief. I think this one also enables the element of 1 colour or many colours depending on its use." - Principal Elizabeth Davey

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