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UX Case study

Recommendation Wizard

The Recommendation Wizard became integral in VentraIP's website redesign, aiming to simplify Website Hosting Product purchases for business owners, enhancing the user experience and enabling seamless website creation.

UX Case study

Product Selector

The Product Selection Tool emerged from VentraIP's website redesign. A tool designed to help users with purchasing Website Hosting Products, streamlining the process for seamless website creation.

Digital Product Designer

Landing Page


A landing page for Intaserve. Tailored for corporate and government clientele, embodying the brand essence with a modern touch.

UX & UI Project Overview

Website Redesign

As the lead designer of VentraIP's website redesign, I conducted stakeholder interviews, customer surveys, and led user test campaigns to inform the final website redesign.

Brand design

Connecting the Quarters

Designing the Quarters Primary School logo is aimed to symbolise the vibrant community it serves, blending diverse elements that embody collaboration, connectivity within its design.



Crafting Hampton Park Primary School's centennial logo in 2020 was a great opportunity aimed to blend a century of history with the Peppermint tree's symbolism, reflecting the school's growth and strength.

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